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Bedford, MK41 0LF

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Our two Directors met just over 10 years ago working for a small, independent Estate & Letting Agency based here in Bedford. Matt, who had already been in the property game for a couple of years, took the young, dynamic and extremely enthusiastic Gareth under his wing. Despite Gareth’s inabilities to open doors (literally!), Matt saw potential in him and the two went on to become a formidable team, and good friends.


As with every great story, there is a fair share of ups and downs and the first one came when Gareth decided to move on to pastures new. Gareth moved on to work for a Local Authority before moving on again, to a Housing Association in Bedford. Matt on the other hand, remained in property for a couple of years before being head hunted to a specialist recruitment agency and went on to enjoy a successful career in recruitment.


Both continued with their passion for property and have gone on to build property portfolios of their own gathering knowledge and further experience, along with an understanding and appreciation of the stresses that come with being a Landlord.


Fortunately this story has a happy ending, Matt and Gareth formed The Letting Agent and are here to give you the complete lettings service.